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Our commitment: high quality, value priced products for you and those important to you.
index001001.jpg amazon_logo.png Welcome to our revised website. I'm still using old technology (WebEasy) to drag and drop, build this thing but hopefully the look is a little better :)
Anyway, thank you for visiting and if you have any questions feel free to contact me by emailing:

info [at]
Cheers... Michael    
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The other thing we've done is team up with using their "Fulfilled By Amazon" service enabling much faster service than shipping from Canada.
One new feature we've added is a store locator app. Just key in your town or postal code to find a location (hopefully :-) near you.
We were thrilled not only to be nominated for the second year in a row for Best Essential Oil product, but to win as well.
This award comes from National Nutrition based in Orillia, Ontario. National Nutrition is an, everything under one roof, nutritional centre providing top quality products with a friendly, extremely knowledgeable staff.
As you can see that's last years trophy. We decided this year, that our amazing sales agency - Wisdom of Nature Brokerage should share in our good fortune and so I let them keep this years trophy.