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General Safety
Arraby's Aromatherapy products are not meant to be taken by mouth.
Generally, a simple taste is not harmful but a mouthful or more could be. The most toxic product is the Eucalyptus. There is enough in the 35mL container to seriously harm a child and enough in the 100mL container to seriously harm an adult.
Serious side effects that could be caused by Eucalyptus poisoning include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, very weak muscles, diarrhea and difficulty waking up.
If you suspect someone, particularly a child, has consumed some of the oil we urge you to seek medical attention.

As with any product there are inherent risks that can be avoided by using common sense.

1) Keep it out of reach of children. While in most cases kids can be exposed to the scent, don't let them handle it without adult supervision.

2) Keep it out of reach of pets to avoid a mess or consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What do the "Cautions" mean?
A. If you have the condition listed as in, you are pregnant or suffer from high or low blood pressure or epilepsy, you should avoid frequent and/or long-term exposure to that oil - period, not just Arraby's products.

Q. Can you have more than one jar open in a room at the same time?
A. Yes but (there's always a "but" :-) they should complement or at least not conflict with each other. Lavender and Snore No More were a very common, customer purchase and they work well together. Lavender and Grapefruit would conflict as Lavender is trying to calm you down whereas Grapefruit is trying to energize you.

Q. Can babies be around the scent?
A. They can but their exposure should be limited and intermittent. A couple of hours during the day, would be fine. All night in mom and dad's room with the Snore No More going - no. After baby turns two, they can be exposed to it for longer periods.

Q. Can I apply it to my skin?
A. Arraby's aromatic products are not meant to be used for topical application (but who can blame you for asking - they all smell so good :-). Having said that, the ratio of essential oil to carrier oil is such that most people will not have an adverse reaction. If you really want to use them that way, a couple words of advice 1) experiment to determine your own level of sensitivity - don't just slather it on and 2) citrus products should absolutely not be used in the sun - your skin will burn.

Q. How long will they last?
A. There is no firm answer as it depends on many factors: usage, temperature, humidity, airflow, geographic location. As an example, the 100mL Snore No More, which has a predictable usage pattern, can vary from 2-4 months in a very dry or very cold climate where there is a lot of a/c or heat usage. Conversely it can last 9-12 months in a temperate climate like the Pacific Northwest.

Q. How big an area will a jar fill?
A. 300-400 square feet (28-37 square metres). If you find the scent strength is too weak, try a different location. It's amazing how a few feet can make all the difference.

Q. Does the Snore No More or any nighttime product, need to be right beside the bed?
A. As the scent will fill an average size bedroom - no. You can however, extend the life of the product by keeping it close (night table) and partially covering it with a piece of food wrap (plastic film). This will turn it from a room sized product, to a personal space product. Adjust the opening to vary the scent strength and by not using as much, it will last longer.

Q. Will the Snore No More work right away?
A. Many people with have success the first night, others it will take a few nights. Despite its strength, we definitely recommend the 4-5 deep breaths as that really seems to accelerate the whole start-up process. Do not be discouraged if it doesn't work right away. For whatever reason, with some people, it seems to take a few nights before the effect kicks in. The bottom line is your satisfaction either with the product or the 30 day money back guarantee.

Q. Can I travel with it?
A. The 100mL container is allowable for plane travel. There is a spill potential so a couple of tips. Secure the lid but don't over-tighten it. Just a snug fit is fine. Put it in two zip-lock style bags. If you have soft luggage, pack it in the middle surrounded by soft stuff - protect it.

Q. Can I use it in a diffuser?
A. We would recommend against it. Because the products contain a carrier oil (sweet almond) after the essential oil evaporates off, the carrier oil will leave a residue.
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